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    Looking for long stays? You’ll find all the essentials you need to make your home away from home, with the benefits of hotel apartment living.


    to Sustainability

    Grand Heights is committed to establishing ongoing sustainability benchmarks in the hospitality industry. Our hotel implements diverse programs to enhance environmental responsibility, including energy and water conservation, reducing plastic usage, promoting recycling, and minimising food waste.

    Energy & Water

    Our rooms and public areas feature energy-efficient fixtures, complemented by water conservation and recycling technologies. Each of these initiatives have enhanced operational efficiency while preserving natural resources.

    Recycling First

    Our Recycling First initiative effectively employs waste management, diverting materials from landfills while segregating and recycling plastics, glass, paper, cans, cardboard, and cooking oil. As of October 2023, our efforts have redirected more than 218 tonnes of waste from landfills across The First Group Hotels.

    Food Waste Diversion

    As of October 2023, in collaboration with the Veolia Facility, we’ve redirected over 147 tonnes of food waste from landfills across all The First Group hotels through our practices of recycling food into compost and segregating food waste.

    Sustainable Amenities

    Our sustainable and eco-friendly amenities empower guests to make a positive impact. These initiatives include Zero%’s all-natural range of liquid soaps and shampoos made with 100% recycled packaging, bamboo keycards, and LUVE glass bottles to enhance each guest’s stay.

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